Extension to Qualify for a Major

If a student does not qualify for a major in the College of Engineering by the end of his or her pool semester (the spring semester of the second year), it is highly likely that an engineering major is not in his or her best interest. Experience has shown that a major in another college would be more in keeping with the student’s strengths and interests.

In some cases, the College of Engineering will consider requests for additional time to complete the entrance-to-major (ETM) requirements. Since the granting of extra time to qualify for a major is an exception to the College’s policy, all such requests are handled individually and consideration does not imply assurance of approval. Approval or lack of approval will be based on each student’s record and unique circumstances. No extensions will be considered for majors that are under enrollment control. Requests for extensions involving only one missing ETM requirement will be reviewed by the appropriate department. Requests for extensions involving more than one missing ETM requirement only will be reviewed with significant extenuating circumstances.

To request an extension, a student must complete the form that is available from the Engineering Advising Center at University Park, from the College Representative at every location, or at College of Engineering Forms. The student must contact the major department to which he or she wishes to be admitted and ask for support. The department, represented by the Undergraduate Coordinator, will determine whether support will be given and under what conditions. In other words, in addition to the unmet ETM requirements, the department is likely to ask the student to meet other academic requirements as an assurance that the extension is justified. Any additional academic requirements will depend on the department, the student’s unique situation, and the semester for which the extension is being requested.

Requests for an extension must be made by June 1 following the student’s pool semester. The student will be notified whether their request for an extension was approved, and if so, under what conditions. Some departments may only provide support for a summer extension. In almost all cases, consideration for extension support will be made only after the grades are available for the pool semester (the spring semester of the second year). However, students may be informed of a denial earlier.