Tutoring and Support Programs

The Engineering Advising Center has information about a variety of resources and programs available at University Park to help students with academic, physical, mental, emotional, financial, and social problems, to name a few. Information is also available about special programs, policies and procedures, tutoring, supplemental instruction, skill development, medical resources, psychological treatment, etc. Students may stop in, call, or email an adviser for information.

Students at locations other than University Park can obtain information about the same type or similar programs from the Advising Center at their campus. The DUS Coordinator and the College of Engineering Contact and Referral Representative at each campus are also good sources for such information.

Listed below are the resources and services used most commonly by students in the College of Engineering at University Park. There is no guarantee that the list is complete and changes may occur without notice. Students are encouraged to check with the appropriate office to make certain of the service. The Engineering Advising Center may be contacted for further information.


Penn State Learning

Penn State Learning, manages the following resources:

  • Tutoring in mathematics, writing, public speaking, world languages and some computer science courses
  • Guided Study Groups
  • Teamwork Areas for group projects and studying

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iStudy for Success!

The iStudy tutorials provide an introduction to college-level learning to help first-year students build skills needed for success. Go to iStudy for Success! for more information on topics such as test taking strategies, time management skills, academic integrity, active reading, on-line learning, note taking, test anxiety, and many more.

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Chemistry Department

Teaching assistants and tutors are available in the Department Resource Room, 211 Whitmore Lab. Resource Room hours, free tutoring schedule, and private tutor list can be found at Chemistry Department Advising and Tutoring.

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Engineering Science and Mechanics Department

The engineering science and mechanics department provides extra help sessions for E MCH 211, 212, and 213. Contact the department for more information.

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Physics Department

Graduate students are available to help with introductory physics courses in the Physics Learning Resource Center, 205 Osmond Lab.

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The School of Engineering Design, Technology, and Professional Programs offers tutoring for students in EDSGN 100. Contact the department at 814-863-1527 for more information.

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Tau Beta Pi

The Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society provides tutoring in basic math and science courses. Go to Tau Beta Pi or contact the Engineering Advising Center for more information.

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Academic Excellence Center (AEC)

Located in 323 Sackett Building, the Academic Excellence Center provides an excellent work environment complete with study space, computers, and free tutoring services! It is also a gathering place for group projects and student organization meetings. Go to Academic Excellence Center for more information.

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Multicultural Engineering Program (MEP)

MEP provides help and support for some courses at University Park. Go to Multicultural Engineering Program for more information.

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Women in Engineering Program (WEP)

WEP organizes study groups for certain math and science courses taken by College of Engineering students. Go to Women in Engineering Program for more information.

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Penn State Tech Tutors

Penn State Tech Tutors provide personalized assistance with many of the technologies needed to complete course assignments. Tech Tutors are available in various University Park computer labs at scheduled times throughout the semester to assist students on topics like Access, Excel, ANGEL, Blogs at Penn State, PowerPoint, Visio, and more. For more information or to view the current schedule, go to Tech Tutors.

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