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PSEAS board members at the 2014 PSAA Volunteer Awards Banquet

The Penn State Engineering Alumni Society received the 2014 Student Interaction Award from the Penn State Alumni Association. Above, PSEAS board members and College of Engineering staff pose at the 2014 PSAA Volunteer Awards Banquet.

Penn State Engineering Alumni Society (PSEAS)

What is PSEAS?

The Penn State Engineering Alumni Society (PSEAS) is the only all-alumni advisory body in the College of Engineering. The Society works closely with deans, faculty, staff, and students to promote and improve the engineering programs at Penn State. The Society is governed by a Board of Directors that includes officers and the chairs of the department Alumni Affiliate Groups (APGs). The PSEAS Board meets three times a year at the University Park campus. Although members are encouraged to attend all meetings, much of the committee work is done off-campus.

How do I become a member of PSEAS?

If you are a member of the Penn State Alumni Association, you are a member of PSEAS. There are no additional dues or fees associated with PSEAS. However, in order to become an active member of PSEAS, you are encouraged to participate in one or more of the Society’s programs and activities.

What are the PSEAS activities?

PSEAS sponsors numerous initiatives throughout the year. Alumni can volunteer for any of the following programs. Check out the Alumni Volunteer Handbook.

  • Mentor a Student: Volunteer to be paired as an alumni mentor to an undergraduate student.
  • Provide Career Guidance to Students: Participate in Resumania, the fall resume review day held in conjunction with Penn State’s Career Fair.
  • PSEAS Faculty/Staff Awards: Help PSEAS in the annual selection process to recognize outstanding teachers, advisers, researchers, and support staff in the College of Engineering.
  • Assist with the Penn State Regional Rube Goldberg Machine Contest: Held in February, this annual “Olympics of Complexity” challenges students to move beyond traditional problem-solving. Alumni volunteers are needed to help with judging, timekeeping, program distribution, and other tasks. See Rube Goldberg Machine Contest for more information.
  • Join an Affiliate Program Group (APG): An Affiliate Program Group, or APG, is a formal or informal group of alumni and friends of Penn State who share a common interest in a particular academic department. The connection focuses on the promotion and development of the academic department rather than the entire college or campus. APG members assist departments with mentoring, special events, and student retention.

How do I get involved?

To volunteer with PSEAS, contact Jennifer Theiss, Director of Alumni Relations, at or 814-863-3384. If you are interested in becoming a PSEAS Board Member or would like to nominate an individual for a position on the PSEAS Board, please complete and submit a nomination form.