eCareer for Students


eCareer is an online job posting system that lists currently available engineering co-op, internship, research, and full-time opportunities at hundreds of companies and government agencies across the country and around the world.

eCareer is maintained by the Engineering Career Resources & Employer Relations office. Job descriptions are posted by employers or faculty members seeking Penn State students and are reviewed and pre-approved by Engineering Career Resources staff to ensure their technical relevance.

You can use eCareer to view information about:
-On-campus recruiting (interviews)
-Available positions (for employers not coming to campus)
-Employer informational meetings and presentations

To get started with eCareer, you must create a profile and upload a current résumé for approval by a member of the Engineering Career Resources staff. Once your résumé is approved, you can use eCareer to apply for positions of interest to you. Some employers will also require you to apply for positions through their company Web sites.

Create your eCareer profile

Opportunities not listed in eCareer

If you happen to find an international internship or co-op through avenues outside eCareer, the Engineering Career Resources office is willing to evaluate these opportunities to determine if they would be approved for academic credit. If you have identified a position on your own, contact the career resources office and provide employer contact information. The career resources office will then contact the employer to discuss the requirements of the program from the employer's perspective (e.g., planned work, registration forms, evaluations, report approval). In addition, a job description will be requested so that the position can be evaluated. You will then be informed of whether or not the position has been approved for credit.