Listed below are engineering companies with offices in the World Trade Center complex, many of which employ ASCE members. The number of members listed includes only those who have provided their work address and company name. As some members choose not to provide this information, the listing below may not be complete.

1.New York Port Authority  (Tower 1, 90th Floor) 121 ASCE Members, Status: Unknown
2.Washington Group (Including Raytheon Company & Ebasco Services)(Tower 2, 91st & 22nd Floor) 20 ASCE Members, Status: Unknown
3.SCOR U.S. Corporation  (Tower 2, 23,24th Floor) 1 ASCE Member, Status: Unknown
4.American Bureau of Shipping  (Tower 1, 91st Floor) No ASCE Members listed at this location. See report from ABS
5.Gibbs & Hill  (Tower 2, 91st Floor) No ASCE Members listed at this location
6.Turner Construction Company  (Tower 1, 38th, Floor) No ASCE Members at this location. See John Bechtel report on first page.
7.Parsons Brinckerhoff Inc. (did not have an physical office in the Trade Center however they did have four engineers working with the New York Port Authority. All of the four engineers are accounted for.)