Our office is very involved with the efforts downtown.  We were hired by the Office of Environmental Management to perform two tasks.   1 - (The most important right now) Assist the Demolition teams as they continue to remove debris from the extensive site.  This is really an effort to keep the workers safe from possible cave-ins of material that could fall or collapse as the strive to get into the interiors of the lower levels.  I'm sure you have seen on the news the pictures of the pieces of tower that are precariously rising from the ground seemingly unsupported.  These pieces are under constant survey to assess potential movement.  Also, the hotel just West of WTC 2 is completely racked and could come down any time.  There are a lot of other situations like these.  2 - We are performing adjacent building evaluations as to the extent of the structural damage.  This will heat up more in the next couple of weeks.

Right now we are at the site for 12 hours out of every 36 hours - 8am - 8pm or 8pm - 8am.

I don't have any pictures scanned in yet, but I'm sure those aren't too hard to come by.  I'll pass some along soon.   Let me know if you have any questions.


A. Christopher Cerino, P.E.<CCerino@de-simone.com>
Project Manager
DeSimone Consulting Engineers, P.L.L.C.