i was on my way to work on the ferry about 3/4 of the way from hoboken to world financial center when the second plane exploded into the tower.  no one had any idea what had happend in the first explosion the ferries were still running and no one was returning from the center - people thought it was a fire or a small cessna like plan had hit the tower...no one was really concerned, i called my father to see if he knew what had happened and he said the news didn't know if it was a plane yet or what exactly happened...no police had shown up, but i remember hearing sirens as we were boarding the boat...about 3/4 of the way across the second plane hit the south tower and we all yelled to turn the boat around, which the captain quickly did. we were dropped off and the boats went off the pick up people from the area....i stayed in sinatra park in hoboken and watch the scene trying to call people...my two roomates worked in wfc 1 and bankers trust building (next to south tower)...about an hour later i learned they were ok.


gregg flinn

psu finance '96