Thank your for your thoughts and concern.Kim & I are safe and are at home today.


Kim was at her office in mid-town and I was on my way to my office when the first plane hit the north tower.


I was on a subway when the first plane hit.As I left the station at City Hall, I heard the sirens and saw the smoke.I rushed toward my office and stopped a block away to view the damage from the first plane. It was at that point that I witnessed the second plane hit the south tower.It looked like a large bomb exploded in the building.I didn't see the plane, because I was about 6 blocks north of the complex.


Once that explosion occurred, I ran to my office, made a few quick calls, and then I left for home. Unfortunately, I stopped for a few moments to look back at the north tower.It was then that I witnessed several people falling from the upper floors.This is an image that will be with me forever.


I was fortunate to leave the area at that point because I was safe when the towers collapsed.The debris and concrete dust travel north past my office. The television shots have shown that itís a mess down there.


I don't know when I will be able to return to my office, but I can be reached at home, on my cell or by e-mail.


Thank you again for your love and concern,


Kenny & Kim