Dear Lou:

It is wonderful to hear from you and to know of your concerns.  There are so many things that should be said and so little time for the saying...but we are thankful that all within LERA escaped death or injury in an event that could have had very different consequences.

Three or four hundreds of persons have communicated words of encouragement to me, with an additional one hundred such messages lost in the choked communication systems of the net, having disappeared without the reading.

The terrorist attack took place as I was in Hong Kong.  Of course, I set out to return to New York at the earliest possible moment.  That travel has afforded an opportunity to think on the positive contributions made by LERA
in saving lives in this second terrorist attack.

The twin towers of the World Trade Center were designed to resist safely the impacting by the largest aircraft of that time...the intercontinental version of the Boeing 707.  In no small measure because of the high level of competence of the men and women of LERA, each of the towers resisted the impact of an aircraft larger than the 707.  Yes, fire brought down the towers, but the structural integrity created by the engineers of LERA allowed perhaps thousands of persons to evacuate the buildings prior to the fire-induced collapse.

Right now I'm totally washed out...completely tired and ready for a bit of good news.

As a personal matter, it is likely that few will be able to understand my own grief.  Still, I hope that you will understand and share my deep sense of pride in the wonderful designs created by the men and the women of LERA.

Best regards,

Les (computer)