Just wanted to let everyone in my address book know that I am safe.I was in 

the World trade Center headed for a 9:30 meeting on the 72nd floor of Tower 

One.I was about 15 minutes from getting on the elevator.I was still on 

the concourse level (ground) when the the first plane hit.There was smoke, 

but people were calmly walking to the exits.We didn't know what happened. 

Out side was a kind of surreal atmosphere.Lots of debris.I saw the 

building on fire, big holes, and then ran for cover.When the second plane 

hit, I was just below and had just walked into the lobby of a building 

accross the street from the south side of Tower Two where the plane hit.The 

noise was incredible.There was a lot of panic in there.I thought I was 

going to be buried by a falling tower.I held on to the people next to me, 

they were praying. 

I guess I went into survival mode.I left the building and I just kept 

walking.First south, then east to Broadway and then north.I just kept 

telling myself I had to get out of the city.I made it to the Christopher st 

PATH station and got a train to Hoboken.My car was parked there. (I had 

debated going in and parking next to the WTC this morning).The first tower 

collapsed when I was on the train, and the second right after I got in my 

car.I drove home and on the way was finally able to get in touch with Dave 

on my cell.we got cut off, but he called my family and office to let them 


There are still a lot of people we are waiting to hear about.Please, 

everyone, say some prayers.

Take care,