Hello All,

         This is Michael (Debo) Ajomale in the flesh. I am writing to let you all know that I am safe and well, and so are my relatives. For those who didn't know, I moved to New York City about 3 weeks ago after graduating from Penn State to embark on what I had looked at as the next phase of my career as a Architectural (Structural) Engineer.

   I had just been employed by a firm known as Severud Associates located in Mid-town Manhattan. Wednesday(12th) or Thursday (13th) was supposed to have been my first day of work. My means of daily commute would have had me taking the subway from Brooklyn through lower Manhattan (under the WTC) to work. Thank God, I had not started work the day this Fatal Incident occurred. However, my boss informed me that our company has clients who have several offices within the WTC Towers. Thank God, some of our clients have been located but we are still waiting to hear from others. Please keep them in your prayers.

     I want to thank everyone for their calls, concerns and prayers.  This is a tragic incident that has affected us all who believe in freedom, peace and solidarity (regardless of Race, Religion, Ethnicity, Nationality). Seeing everything happen before my eyes that day was horrific. It is sad to believe that such evil and inhumanity could exist in this world.

     Like the rest of the world, we are shocked and dismayed by the sinister attack leveled at the proud cities of New York & D.C. two days ago. My thoughts and prayers are going out to the victims and their families, countless paramedics, police officers, and firemen are fighting an uphill battle to save as many human lives as possible as well as the men and women of the armed forces who are taking steps to protect us all as we slumber.


I ask that you pray for all who have been directly affected by this incident.


God Bless You All, This Nation and His Children All Over


Michael Debo Ajomale