Dr. Geschwindner-
I used to work at the Dean's Office during my years at PSU, and Donna Schroyer sent me an email saying you wanted to get emails from those involved in the attacks last week.

I was a PSUAE Class of '98.  I no longer work in engineering, but still work in the city of New York.  I just wanted everyone to know that I am okay, and so are Dave Jones, Ian Schmellick, Kamesha Bell, Pat Chan, and Tara Christy, who were also in my class.

I work in the West Village which is far enough away to be safe, but in a direct north view of the WTC.  Just as I was walking out of the subway station going to work Tuesday morning, I noticed a police officer standing in the street looking at the WTC saying "that's flying too low" and as I looked up, I saw the first plane hit the first tower.  It was so traumatic.  After the devastation of the buildings collapsing, I met up with old friends at Ove Arup and ended up getting out of the city.  But as so many people worked in the Trade Towers, at least indirectly everyone knows someone who is missing, and my thoughts are with all.  For those who wish to contact me, my new email address is rkennedy@greenwichhouse.org.  I am glad to hear so many other ae's have been reported safely.


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