I heard the news a little after 9:00 a.m. From that moment on, I joined millions of other Americans as we sat by our radios and TVs listening to the latest developments, immobilized by the horrible scenes described to us. Occasionally, staff members in my office would update us on the whereabouts of their friends and loved ones as they received news. As I write this comment today, some of them still don't know where their loved ones are.

It is amazing how the human mind works. We are so easily blinded by the enormous amount of information that attacks us daily that we do not see the big picture. We are so overwhelmed with our busy lives that it takes a disaster of epic proportions to overpower the minute details that occupy our minds.

Yesterday I paused, and with the short delay in my everyday activities, I experienced an array of emotions. I was shocked, outraged, and mournful. How could God let this happen?

I ended the day standing with 2,000 other believers at the 7:22 Worship Service praising the Lord for his power and might and his grace and mercy, and at last, all was well with my soul.

For what is the meaning of our lives? We are not here to question our Father, to right the wrongs made against us, or even to secure our own destiny here on earth. We are here to glorify God, our Father, until the day we are with him in heaven. And in all that we do we must glorify him, as we did that night.

As believers, we must continually remind ourselves that our greatest gift awaits us in heaven, and no one on earth can take that away from us.

So today, with my heart aching for our fellow Americans and our nation, I do not question our Lord. I am at peace knowing that God is in control - as always.


Comments from Sue Davis PSUAE 92