She tucked me in

No school tomorrow

You are not well yet

The voice fading away

I went to sleep last night


Before it was dawn

She was gone, to work


I woke up at the sound of the telephone

I turned on the TV, I was still in a daze

---The second tower is gone

This is incredible---


I thought I was watching a Harrison Ford movie

The voice of the news caster resounded again

It is incredible, the second tower is gone


Another flash on the screen

The Pentagon in flames

I woke up fully


America under attack

A powerful nation under siege

Terrorists and threats

Attacks, and a nation shocked

The news caster's voice ringing in my ears


People jumping out of windows

Hands held behind the windows tears flowing down the cheeks

People engulfed in flames

Two towers standing tall for decades,

Only a few seconds, all dust and flames

I looked at the scenes

Tears stopped flowing

I became resolute

I cried, loud and clear


No one can stop me

No one can stop us, a nation

Strong and noble

White and Black, Yellow and Brown

All, with the same thought

---United we will stand

Terrorists and threats

No one can stop us

World, take note


In God we trust---


Suddenly, in my world there was silence,

I came back to reality,

Where is mom?


---The answer was clear, it flashed in my mind

She went to work

to the top floor of the second tower---


--- Soundar Kumara, Nalini Krishnankutty----