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Adding Network Drives and Printers

This page is designed to help you add network drives and printers to your local computer. This will allow you to print to the network printers and access drives such as P, O, Y, T, W, and U here at the AE lab, even if you aren't connected to the network (wireless laptop, for example).

Mapping Printers and Drives in Windows XP (Mac users, see bottom of page)

What to do first?

1. Download, save, and then "merge" this registry entry. (Windows XP/Vista/7)

2. Connect to the VPN using Juniper's SSLVPN client. If you need help with this step, see our VPN help page by clicking here.

3. Go to "My Computer", "Tools" menu, the "Map Network Drive..." 

Select the Drive Letter you wish to map, then enter one of the following addresses:

\\\psuae - opens up the O: drive 
\\\profiles$\abc123 - opens up your redirected folders 
\\\public - opens up the Y: drive 
\\\abc123$ - opens up your T: drive (5th year thesis students) 
\\\users - opens up the University U: drive 
\\\users\a\b\abc123 - opens up your University V: drive 
\\\pass\users - opens up the University W: drive 
\\\pass\users\a\b\abc123 - opens up your University X: drive

Where applicable, substitute "a" with your first initial, "b" with your middle initial, and substitute "abc123" with your full CAC ID
For example, "Frederick J. Figglehorn", CAC ID "fjf5123", would use "\\\pass\users\f\j\fjf5123."

When mapping the drive, elect to "connect using a different user name", you will be prompted for your username and password. Enter the following information as illustrated in the picture below:

If you encounter "Error 53", verify you're VPN is connected, and disable any personal filtering or firewall software, such as Zone Alarm.

"\username" with your Penn State password


To Connect to AE printers (Windows XP/Vista/7 only), go to "Start", "Run", and type in this address:

\\ (64-bit Windows)

\\ (32-bit Windows)

When connecting to printers you will be asked for authentication:

Use your PSU username, with, and PSU password as in the example above.

If you get a virus warning when connecting a printer, click yes:

When you find the printer you want to add (to be able to print from it) double click the icon. It will then be installed on your local computer.

You will see this box when you attempt to connect to a printer (using print308 as an example):

When the printer is fully installed, this box will show up:


What to know before you print:

You must be running the VPN when adding a printer as well as when you want to actually print the document. Your printing balance will be charged in the same way as before. To check your printing balance at any time, click here.


Mapping Drives in Mac OS-X:

Create a COEACCESS password here: 
Wait up to 20 minutes for the password to take effect 
Open the "Connect to Server" Window. 

(O-drive) type in "smb://" in the address field, and click Connect. 
(P-drive) type in "smb://$" in the address field, and click connect. 
(Y-drive) type in "smb://" in the address field, and click Connect. 
(T-drive) type in "smb://$" in the address field, and click connect. 
(U-drive) type in "smb://" in the address field, and click connect. 
(W-drive) type in "smb://" in the address field, and click connect. 

Enter "abc123" (your username in place of abc123) for your username, and the newly created password. 
The Domain should be filled in with "COEACCESS". 
Your drive appears on the desktop - you're done. 

VPN Not Available?

For access to network drives where VPN is not an option, take a look at this document.

Additional questions:

If you have any questions that were not addressed or answered sufficiently, please go to our lab assistants page and contact one of the assistants.

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