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Using Remote Desktop
To Connect to the AE Computers
From Home

Connecting to the AE Labs remotely is not only very ease, but also extremely convenient. There are just a couple things we need to do to prepare the connection, so lets take a look at them...

First of all, if we're off campus, we'll need the VPN client to connect to the College of Engineering network, since it's behind a firewall. The client can be downloaded at and information for setting it up can be found here. On a Mac, you must visit this site using Safari browser. Once logged onto the site, "Start" the client to install.

Once connected to the network here on campus, we'll need to take a quick look to find an available Remote Desktop computer. Viewing the Remote Desktop Computer availability can be done here.

Now that we have a computer picked out that we want to use, we'll connect to it by using "Remote Desktop" software. It's available for most all platforms and comes standard with Windows XP Professional. If you need to install it for other versions of Windows, you can download it here from Microsoft: RDP Client. Once installed, click "Start", "Programs", "Accessories", "Communications", then "Remote Desktop" to open.

Mac users, visit This Site for the remote desktop client for Mac OS.

With Remote Desktop open, we need to furnish a computer name. The computer name we can get from the availability web site, but we'll need to append "" to the computer name to connect. For instance, if you wish to connect to "AE8059", then you will type in the box "" and then connect. Don't forget to first connect the VPN Client!

It's very important that when you're finished you log off the computer. If you just "Disconnect" the computer will become locked and nobody can use it. If this happens too often others get upset.

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