Department of

Architectural Engineering


Research Projects


  • Modeling of basement heat transfer and parametric study of basement insulation for low energy housing, Pennsylvania Housing Research Center.
  • An investigation of mixing on the inlet side of stratified chilled water thermal energy storage tanks with parallel plate diffusers. ASHRAE Grant-in-Aid (Jeffrey Caldwell).
  • Protocol for field testing of tall buildings to determine envelope air leakage rate (935-RP), ASHRAE.
  • An investigation of variable speed pumping coupled with hydraulic energy recovery in chilled water thermal storage systems. ASHRAE Grant-in-Aid (Christopher Kirchner).
  • Effectiveness of existing technologies for the control of airborne pathogens in ventilation system airstreams. ASHRAE Grant-in-Aid (Wladyslaw Kowalski).
  • An analytical study of air leakage paths in houses. Pennsylvania Housing Research Center.
  • Cooling tower performance optimization with entering air pre-cool coil. ASHRAE Grant-in-Aid (Brian Lee).
  • Parametric study of charging inlet diffuser performance in stratified chilled water storage tanks with radial diffusers (1077-RP). American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers.
  • Design and optimization methods for UVGI airstream disinfection systems. Ultraviolet Devices, Inc..
  • Analysis of fog remediation measures for Ft. Wainwright, Alaska cooling pond. ZBA, Inc.
  • Ground-coupled heat transfer module integration. US Department of Energy, Pennsylvania Housing Research Center.
  • Parametric modeling of three-dimensional basement heat transfer. ASHRAE Grant-in-Aid (Edward Clements).
  • Effects of uncertainty in load profile on chilled water plant equipment selection. ASHRAE Grant-in-Aid (Eric Peyer).
  • Modeling of slotted-pipe inlet diffuser flow and heat transfer. ASHRAE Grant-in-Aid (Jing Song).
  • Thermal performance of single pipe diffusers in stratified chilled water storage tanks (1185-RP). American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers.
  • Variable primary flow chilled water systems: analysis of benefits and application issues. Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology Institute.
  • Innovative strategies to protect hospitalized premature infants against airborne pathogens and toxins. PSU Environmental Consortium Seed Grant
  • Air-conditioner UVGI test plan development and assessment. GE Consumer and Industrial.
  • Indoor air modeling for human pathogens. Department of the Army.
  • How much energy do different toplighting strategies save? Lighting Research Center.
  • Diffuser design for high discharge rate stratified inhibited water system buffer tank. Canadian Natural Resources Limited.
  • Indoor air quality analysis program update. Bioclimatic Air Systems.

In Progress

  • How much energy do different sidelighting strategies save? Lighting Research Center.
  • Rapid semi-empirical tool for estimating air flow in facilities. Department of Homeland Security.
  • Bioaerosol control technology laboratory scale testing and full-scale test facility development. National Center for Energy Management and Building Technology
  • Resuspension characteristics and surface sampling protocol for indoor bioaerosol contaminants. Department of the Army.