Louis Geschwindner
Louis F. Geschwindner, PhD, PE

Professor Emeritus of Architectural Engineering
The Pennsylvania State University
104 Engineering Unit A
University Park, PA 16802
Vice-President, American Institute of Steel Construction

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Email: lfg@psu.edu


1977 Ph. D., Civil Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University 

1970 M.S., Architectural Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University

1967 B.S., Building Science, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 

Professional affiliations: Past chairman of the Committee on Design of Steel Building Structures and the Committee on Metals, Co-chair of the Tension Membrane Structures Standards Committee, of the Structural Engineering Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers (SEI/ASCE). Member of the AISC Committee on Specifications, Chair of its technical committee on Member Design, TC – 4, and member of the editorial committee, TC – 2. Member of the AISC Connection Prequalification Review Panel.

Research Areas: design of steel buildings, drift control, semi-rigid connections, leaning columns, nonlinear static and dynamic analysis of steel framed buildings, resistance of steel structures

Teaching: Has taught the full range of lower and upper division courses in the areas of structural analysis and design for buildings; including basic and advanced steel design, basic and advanced concrete design, indeterminate structural analysis, analysis of special structures, Computer applications to structures.

Honors and Awards

  • Penn State Engineering Society Service Award, College-Wide Award, 2008.
  • Best Paper Award, AISC Engineering Journal, National Award, 2005
  • T.R.Higgins Lectureship Award, American Institute of Steel Construction, national award 2000
  • Penn State Engineering Society Faculty Service Award, College-Wide Award, 1993.
  • Penn State Engineering Society Outstanding Advising Award, College-Wide Award, 1991.
  • AT&T Foundation Award for Excellence, Middle Atlantic Section of ASEE, 1987.
  • Penn State Engineering Society Premier Teaching Award, College-Wide Award, 1988.
  • Penn State Engineering Society Outstanding Teaching Award, College-Wide Award, 1986.
  • AMOCO Foundation Award for Excellence in Teaching, a University-Wide Award, 1986.

Selected Publications: Journal Articles

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Geschwindner, Louis F. and Ostag, William P., "Performance of a Concrete Masonry Slab System-Preliminary Results", Proceedings, Fifth North American Masonry Conference, Vol 3., Urbana-Champaign, Ill., June, 1990, pp. 1123-1134.

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