Study Abroad Programs

Students in Penn State Architectural Engineering program may participate in a number of study abroad programs to expand the education of our students. Study abroad is encouraged, but optional.

There are two programs available for Architectural Engineering undergraduate students – the Rome, Italy summer program and the China summer program. Participation in either of the programs during one of the summers does not adversely impact the student’s progress in the AE program, but rather provides credits towards the major. The Rome program will also provide the necessary credits for an Architectural Studies Minor.

Student can also participate in other study abroad programs arranged through the International Programs Office at Penn State. There are numerous study abroad opportunities with Universities around the world. The impact on the student’s graduation date varies with each program.


There are many objectives to the study abroad program. These objectives are to: 

1. Enable students to receive instruction in various disciplines within the context of another culture and to enrich their general academic studies.

2. Enable students to expand their knowledge of the people and culture of a country or region of the world by living and studying there, as well as gain an internationally informed perspective of the values and way of life in their own country

3. Provide a professional experience that will enhance the intellectual and professional development of students in specialized fields of study.

4. Promote the educational goals of the University by providing overseas programs designed to increase the international understanding of students.