The World Trade Center and Pentagon Tragedy
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FEMA/ASCE Building Performance Study Released
The Pentagon Building Performance Report is now available
NEW Engineering News Record Cover Story: Skyscrapers' Supporters Infuriated by Fire Fearmongers

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This site has grown significantly beyond any of my expectations. My initial intent was to provide a source of information for the Penn State AE community. Over the months since September 11, 2001 I have found that many people have found it useful. I will continue to update the site as new information is located. Please send any information you have to Prof. Louis Geschwindner at

102 Minutes - Inside the Twin Towers
From their last words, a haunting chronicle of the last 102 minutes at the World Trade Center

God Bless America
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American Red Cross
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September 14 was a special day of prayer, remembrance and expression of patriotism. As a reminder of these events, you can check out the listing that was previously on this page.

The major activities currently taking place are the NIST Investigation of the WTC and the release of the six plans for Ground Zero from the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation. These topics have been moved to the top of the list below. As has been the case, new material will continue to be added with the dates high lighted in red.

Observances marking 9/11 Anniversary

NIST Investigation

FEMA/ASCE Building Response Team Report

Six Plans for Ground Zero (And More) Link to "Filling the Void" further down on this page.

Building Code Revisions

Analysis of Collapse

Building condition around WTC site

WTC Below grade conditions

WTC site clean-up

Occupancy of the WTC

Structural Investigation Teams

Pentagon site

In Memoriam - Penn State

First Hand Reports - NYC First Hand Reports - Pentagon Reports from others Pictures etc. Pictures that help in analysis of collapse

WTC facts: Design and Construction

Insurance Industry response PSU AE Faculty comments

Patriotic Images

Rumors debunked

In Memoriam


Personal writings

Filling the Void: What happens to the site

Rebuilding Wall Street - Newsletter from Dow Jones


General Political Information