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As of MARCH 1, 2001, This Web site will no longer be maintained. We have moved these pages to in order to provide public access to our papers and images. It will be moved to at a later date. Please update your bookmarks accordingly. --KJM

Welcome to the Antimatter Space Propulsion site at Penn State University. The research group's primary interest is to promote the use of antimatter in space, with a secondary interest in medical applications, for the new millenium.

 This project is led by Dr. Gerald A. Smith -- Antimatter Project Leader at the Penn State Propulsion Engineering Research Center (PERC). In the following pages, antimatter and its diverse applications are discussed. They include such topics as: 

  • portable antimatter confinement units; 
  • interstellar antimatter propulsion; 
  • radioisotope generators for PET scans; 
  • and antiproton tomography. 
Of the following pages available, we have a brief introduction which discusses antimatter as a viable candidate for high-speed interplanetary and interstellar propulsion. We also maintain a documents section, which contains articles published by members of this group, as well as a press release section. Finally, an image gallery is available for those seeking higher-quality images of the ones found in our documents. You are cordially invited to read on and enjoy. 
Group Members

Dr. Gerald A. Smith Antimatter Project Leader, Propulsion Engineering Research Center
Kirby J. Meyer NASA GSRP Graduate Student
Kevin J. Kramer NASA GSRP Graduate Student
Dan Coughlin Boeing Graduate Student

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