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The brite lab is a research group devoted to Bridging Research in Innovation, Technology and Engineering. We view design as both a process and a product. As such, our lab explores ways to support the design process, particulary the early phases of design, with new technologies and we also explore how to develop innovative consumer products using user-centered design techniques. To learn more about our ongoing research projects visit our projects page

Dr. Miller (PI) and Dr. Hunter (Co-PI, Psychology) have been awarded a NSF grant for their project entitled "Understanding The Impact of Product Dissection on Design Innovation and Learning"

"Choosing Creativity: The Role of Individual Risk and Ambiguity Aversion on Creative Concept Selection in Engineering Design" was accepted to Research in Engineering Design

"Creativity in design teams: the influence of personality traits and risk attitudes on creative concept selection" was accepted to Research in Engineering Design

Dr. Miller (PI) and Dr. Moore (PI, Mechanical Engineering) have been awarded an NIH R01 grant for their project entitled "Dynamic Haptic Robotic Training for Central Venous Catheter Insertion"

Dr. Miller has been awarded the NSF CAREER award for her project entitled "From Risk Aversion to Innovation: Transforming the Concept Selection Process to Maximize Product Success"

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