Co-op and Internship Pre-Work Checklist

Congratulations—you've accepted a co-op or internship position!

After you have completed the Employment Survey:

  • Drop any on-campus courses in which you are enrolled for the semester in which you plan to work. You must do this before we can enroll you in any co-op or internship course.
  • If you are seeking academic credit for your co-op or internship, talk to an academic adviser or Department Career Contact to confirm how you can use the credits toward your major and, if you are doing a co-op, how you will coordinate your work vs. school schedules.
  • If you will complete a co-op or internship before you have completed the entrance-to-major process, you should meet with an academic adviser. Being away from campus during a fall or spring co-op/internship can impact this process.
  • If you are an international student, review our information about Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and talk to your adviser from the University Office of Global Programs regarding any special conditions or requirements for your co-op or internship.
  • If you will be graduating during the same semester as you complete your internship or your last co-op rotation, please notify our office.
  • If you are receiving financial aid, talk to an adviser in the Office of Student Aid about how your financial aid package may be impacted by your co-op or internship experience.
  • Make housing arrangements both at your co-op or internship site and at Penn State if you will return to campus in the semester following your work experience. If you are living on campus now, contact the Housing Office at your campus to cancel your dorm contract for the semester(s) you will be working. If you are living off campus, start looking for someone to sublet your room.
  • Plan to attend any new-employee orientation programs that are offered on-site at your work location.
  • Contact your employer to confirm details you will need to know on arrival at your work site (appropriate dress, starting time, etc.).
  • Review our tips about how to be successful at work.
  • If desired, talk to an Engineering Career Envoy to get a student's perspective on co-ops and internships.
  • Follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter for career news and updates while you're working.