Co-op and Internship Courses

Both undergraduate and graduate students can choose to earn academic credit for an engineering co-op or internship experience by being enrolled in a co-op or internship course while working. These courses require no in-class time, and all course requirements can be completed during the work experience.

There are many benefits to being enrolled in a co-op or internship course:

  • While you are working, you earn academic credits that you may be able to apply toward degree requirements and—if you are doing multiple work experiences—toward the English 202C requirement.
  • If you receive student loans, you don’t have to begin the repayment process.
  • You retain your class scheduling priority for the subsequent semester and your football ticket access.
  • You don’t have to take a leave of absence from the University if you are working in the fall or spring semesters.
  • You retain access to all Penn State Library resources (especially useful if you are doing research during your work assignment!), including University Libraries, the Engineering Library, and Google Scholar.
  • You have oversight and support during your work experience by both our staff and designated faculty members in your major.

Course Options
Course Enrollment Procedure
Information for Students with Disabilities

Course Options

There are five co-op and internship courses:

  • ENGR 195 (undergraduate internship)
  • ENGR 295 (first semester of a co-op)
  • ENGR 395 (second semester of a co-op)
  • ENGR 495 (third or subsequent semester of a co-op)
  • ENGR 595 (graduate internship)

Undergraduate students may earn one credit per semester for an internship; some departments will award additional internship credits to students who complete several internships. You may earn between one and three credits per semester for a co-op experience, depending upon your department, major or minor, and number of co-op experiences completed. See more information about how to use co-op and internship credit in different majors.

Graduate students may earn one credit during each work semester by registering for ENGR 595. However, you must talk with an adviser to determine credit usage within your department.

See the requirements for all the co-op and internship courses.

Course Enrollment Procedure

To get enrolled for ENGR 195, 295, 395, 495, or 595:

  • Formally accept the offer from the employer you want to work for (in some cases, you may have to decide between two or more offers). Acceptance can be either verbal or in writing, depending on the employer's preference or circumstances.
  • Complete the Employment Survey, which provides our staff with basic information about your planned work assignment, location, and employment timeframe.
  • Drop any on-campus courses for which you enrolled during the semester in which you plan to be away (if applicable).
  • Our Student Relations Coordinator will enroll you in the course you have indicated on the Employment Survey. All co-op and internship courses are controlled, so you cannot enroll yourself.
  • Once you have been enrolled, the co-op or internship course will appear on your schedule, like any other course.


You must pay tuition for any credit(s) for which you are enrolled during your co-op or internship. The specific amount will depend on the number of credits you are taking (typically 1–3), your campus, your status (first-year, sophomore, etc.), your college, and whether or not you are a Pennsylvania resident. The University's Student Tuition Calculators can help you determine the amount you will be expected to pay.

For any questions about tuition or your bill, contact the Office of the Bursar (814-865-6528).

Information for Students with Disabilities

Penn State welcomes students with disabilities into the University's educational programs, including co-op and internship courses. If you have a disability-related need for reasonable academic adjustments in a co-op or internship course, contact the Office for Disability Services (ODS) at 814-863-1807 (V/TTY). For further information regarding ODS, please visit the Office for Disability Services website.

In order to receive consideration for course accommodations, you must contact ODS and provide documentation regarding your disability. If the documentation supports the need for academic adjustments, ODS will provide a letter identifying appropriate adjustments. Please share this letter and discuss the adjustments with the Engineering Career Resources & Employer Relations office as early as possible once you are registered for a co-op or internship course. You must contact ODS and request academic adjustment letters at the beginning of each semester you are working (if working more than one semester).

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