Housing at Your Work Location

Employers that hire students for co-op or internship positions offer varying degrees of assistance in finding housing—anything from supplying housing or a housing stipend to sending participants local newspapers so that they can search for housing independently.

Once you have accepted an offer of a position, ask what kind of help your employer offers. For example, many employers will pay for relocation to your work assignment (e.g., mileage on your car and meals or hotel stays along the way), pay for a few days' stay in a hotel in the city or town where you will work while you seek longer-term housing in the area, or provide the names and phone numbers of other students who will be on work assignment with you (from both Penn State and other universities). Don't be surprised if you receive minimal or no assistance, however; most employers consider employee housing to be the responsibility of employees, including co-ops and interns. If you must locate and arrange your own housing for your co-op or internship position, consider it good practice for what you will have to do after graduation when you get an entry-level position.

If there is a college or university located in or near your work location, you may be able to find a sublet near the campus. Also, if you will be working near any of the Penn State campuses that offer on-campus housing, keep in mind that you would be eligible to live in the on-campus housing—if available and if desired—during your work assignment.

Penn State Housing during your Work Period(s)

If you live on-campus at University Park and you will be working during the fall or spring semesters, you can arrange to have your dorm contract cancelled for the semester you will be out on your internship or co-op; however, you will still be responsible for the other half of your contract. Please contact the Housing Office (814-865-7543) to make arrangements.

If you live on-campus at a Penn State campus other than University Park, contact your campus housing office (see the list).

If you live off campus and you need to sublet your apartment or room, you may want to use the Off-Campus Living website or a site like Craigslist to advertise your sublet.