On-Campus Interviews

We can assist employers in arranging interviews at the University Park campus with undergraduate and graduate engineering students for co-op, internship, and entry-level full-time positions through the eCareer electronic job posting system.

All employers who wish to post job descriptions must first register for a free eCareer account.

Students with eCareer accounts can view the postings and, if they meet the requirements, submit résumés electronically for those of interest. After their résumé submission deadline has passed, employers receive the bundle of submitted résumés via email and typically have three working days to review the documents and choose students they would like to interview by designating them as Invited (i.e., invited to interview) in eCareer. Invited students can then sign up electronically for interview time slots. Employers can monitor the sign-up process in real time.

Employers are strongly encouraged to select additional students as Alternates, who may sign up for any unclaimed interview time slots still available a few days prior to the interview day.

On-campus interviews typically occur from late September through early December and from late January through April. Most on-campus interviews take place at the Bank of America Career Services Center.

Schedule Your Interview Date(s)
Enter Your Job Descriptions
Manage Your Interviews

Schedule Your Interview Date(s)

You can reserve interview space under the Shortcuts section on the eCareer home page.

Select the On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) tab, then select Request a Schedule. You will be prompted to select the appropriate semester (either fall or spring semester) and the OCR model (either Preselect or Preselect to Alternate). Preselect is the preselected group of students chosen to interview for the position. This option does not provide the option to select alternate interviewees. Preselect to Alternate is the preselected group of students chosen to interview for the position but also includes an alternate group of interviewees who may be considered if a preselected candidate should be unable to interview.

After completing the remaining mandatory sections, you may submit the Schedule Request form.

Enter Your Job Descriptions

Once your interviews have been confirmed, you will receive an email notice that your request has been approved and that you must log in to eCareer to review the schedule assignment and attach one or more job postings to finalize the schedule(s).

Your next step is to post your job description(s) online in eCareer. Your job posting(s) will not be approved or be visible "live" to students until you have attached it/them to your interview schedule(s).

Manage Your Interviews

Once an on-campus recruiting schedule has been approved, the position will be open for student résumé submission. You will also see that the trigger dates have been adjusted; these dates let you know the deadline for students to submit their résumés and your deadline to select those students you would like to invite for interviews. To request any changes, please contact the Recruiting Coordinator.

You can view your job description(s), note the trigger dates, and view submitted résumés (as well as cover letters and transcripts if you selected these to be submitted) on eCareer in real time. After the résumé submission deadline has passed, you can begin to designate students as Invited (first choice to interview), Alternate (second choice), or Not Invited. You are encouraged to preselect/invite as many students as you have interview time slots available, as well as at least 4 alternates. NOTE: A standard interview day is 8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m., with two 15-minute breaks and a 1–hour lunch break. If you are doing 30-minute interviews, you will have 13 interview slots; for 45-minute interviews, 9 slots; for 60 minute interviews, 6 slots; and for 90 minute interviews, 4 slots. The students you have designated as invited will be notified via eCareer that they have been invited to interview. You are encouraged to track your interview schedule as it fills.

If you wish to make changes to your schedule (i.e., change start/end times, interview lengths, etc.), please contact the Recruiting Coordinator prior to designating your invited students if possible, as it's much easier to adjust a schedule before students have signed up.

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