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Nuclear Engineering - Graduate Level Distance Education

What is it?
Distance education involves the linking of teacher(s) and student(s), through technology rather than face-to-face interaction. Distance education serves the educational needs of people who cannot come to a Penn State campus due to job, family, time, distance, economic, or other constraints.

Penn State’s first distance education courses, developed over one hundred years ago, used the U.S. mail to link students and teachers. Today, we employ various technologies, including: the Internet, CDs, DVDs, interactive video conferencing, live or on-demand streaming media, videotapes, fax, and e-mail to deliver and facilitate the interaction between learners and teachers. The tremendous technological advances in recent years in computing power, storage technology, and communication links have set the stage for marvelous advances in the quantity and quality of distance education. Penn State faculty and staff are working to bring you new and exciting learning opportunities through distance education.

Forms and Program Resources

Linked below are several Forms and Resources that you may need to complete in the process of your distance education studies The links are provided here for easy access in-addition-to the links where each is referenced within this distance education program.

PDF Forms

These forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader for access.

On-Line Forms

  • Degree Application Form
    Instructions for Completing the Form
    1. Follow the directions to apply as a degree student.
    2. The effective date should be the semester you choose to enroll.
    3. The location must be World Campus (WC).
    4. Choose degree as Master of Engineering in Nuclear Engineering.
    5. The application cannot be processed until you make the payment.
    6. You will also need to submit two original official copies of your BS degree transcript.

    If you have any questions, please contact:

    Continuing and Distance Education
    Penn State University
    301 Engr Unit C
    University Park, PA 16802

  • Notifying the University of Your Intent to Graduate


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