What is Climate?

Climate - the ambiance or comfort level of a learning or working environment - is a crucial element in recognizing and preventing harassment. In every College-related activity, each of us has an obligation to be open to a diversity of thought and culture as well as to avoid situations, behavior and/or language that exclude groups of people or make individuals uncomfortable.

An inclusive working and learning environment benefits everyone in the College of Engineering.

The bottom line is that we should treat all of the people with whom we work, learn, and socialize with respect. Good manners and inclusive attitudes make the College a good place to work and learn.

The College of Engineering, as an institution, has an obligation and a commitment to create and maintain a climate that allows and encourages each individual to perform at his or her best. The College of Engineering Climate Committee, composed of students, staff, and faculty from each department, meets regularly to find ways to improve and enhance the climate.

We have an established complaint procedure and established procedures for dealing with harassment. Individuals throughout the College have trained to work individually and confidentially with students, faculty members, or staff who experience harassment. These advisers can provide confidential guidance on informal and formal procedures for resolving harassment problems.

Information on University policies on harassment, as well as information on grievance procedures, is available at the Office of the Dean, 101 Hammond; Engineering Student Services, 208 Hammond Building; or University resource centers.