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    Welcome. This site was developed in collaboration with The Rock Ethics Institute for the use of engineering faculty and students in courses that address problems that have ethical components.

    Engineering ethics is about solving problems and designing products in ways that provide the most benefit to society, i.e., arriving at the best solution (or at least a good one). This clearly involves being able to rationally and thoughtfully evaluate all of the considerations that define the "good" solution. Emphasis here is on the process of how one does this. It requires understanding ethical principles, methods to resolve dilemmas (where principles are in conflict), and practice at applying these methods and principles to real problems.

    For more info, see Moral Imagination.

Ethics: the positive guidelines we use to guide our behavior and the systematic study of those guidelines.

Carl Mitcham and R. Shannon Duvall,
Engineering Ethics, Prentice Hall, 1999

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