Tenure-Track Faculty Travel Cost Share Requests

Travel grants for tenure-track faculty are available to supplement travel for research development activities with sponsors. Unfortunately this travel grant is no longer available for conference attendance.

The following tenure-track faculty travel grant limits will be in effect for the 2016-17 academic year:

  • Faculty are required to cost-share (an explanation must be given if funds are not being provided. Sources of faculty funding can be through research budgets, start-up funds, or any other funds under the control of the faculty, as long as it is an appropriate use for travel cost share).
  • Department cost-share is required.
  • The College will only match the faculty share up to a maximum of $500 per request. A justification paragraph is required and must detail the destination for the travel and how it will benefit research development. Conference travel will not be approved.
  • One travel request per tenure-track faculty member per academic year (level of support will be $100-$500)
  • The Tenure-Track Faculty Travel Cost-Share Form must be filled out completely and submitted for approval a minimum of one week prior to travel. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.