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General Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions of use shall apply in any disputes which may arise out of use or access to this site. The use of this site by a user shall serve as consent to be bound by the then existing Terms and Conditions as will be made available at this web address. These Terms and Conditions of Use are subject to change without notice to the users. Continued use of the site after a change or revision to these Terms and Conditions of Use shall be deemed constructive acceptance of the new or revised Terms and Conditions of Use.


Limitation and Liability for Content


Information which is entered into the registration system, if any, of this site must be non-objectionable. As used herein, non-objectionable shall mean: information which is not harmful, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortuous, hateful or otherwise deemed objectionable by The Pennsylvania State University. At our sole discretion, Penn State reserves the right to delete any objectionable matter from the site and discontinue service to any users that submit or maintain such materials. It is the user's responsibility to determine that ALL information submitted complies with any and all applicable local, state, federal, and/or international laws and regulations. All information submitted by users to this site shall be truthful and complete, and shall not be intended to result in the any misrepresentation of affiliation or impersonation of any individual or organization. Faculty for the Future makes no judgment as to the compliance of user submitted data with the above requirements.

  Information, Rights and Confidentiality of User Account Information  

Information furnished by the Faculty for the Future to any user of this site is intended for such user's sole and exclusive use and shall be considered proprietary information, ownership of which shall remain with the Faculty for the Future unless otherwise explicitly transferred in writing. Users shall be fully responsible for maintaining confidentiality of account access information and for any and all changes, if applicable, made to user's account. Faculty for the Future is not responsible to user for any harm that arises out of such user's failure to maintain the confidentiality of the user's account information, including, but not limited to, user ID and/or passwords.

  Copyright   Unless otherwise explicitly identified, all information, data, images, and other things comprising this site are to be considered copyrighted by The Pennsylvania State University and they remain the sole and exclusive property of The Pennsylvania State University. Users are authorized to use such materials solely for the purposes stated herein. Users may not store for future use such information, nor develop or maintain a library of such information. User agrees to refrain from the use or submission of any copyrighted materials without the prior written consent of the copyright holder.

All materials shall be deemed protected under the copyright laws of The United States of America, (c)2001 The Pennsylvania State University.

  Security of Site  

Users agree not to violate or attempt to violate the security of this site at anytime. It is unlawful to attempt to perform actions that risk the security of this site, including, but not limited to, the placement of viruses, corrupted data, trojan horses, worms, time bombs, or any other act that is intended to damage or otherwise interfere with the security or availability of the system, the service, or the data stored therein.

  Events Beyond facultyforthe Control  

Faculty for the Future shall not be held responsible for any failure or malfunction in power or communications, nor the failure or refusal of third party transmission intermediaries to perform, continue or renew their contractual or other arrangements with Faculty For The Future, nor inability to perform occasioned by such, or by labor strife, war, riot or other events beyond the direct control of Faculty For The Future. If this site, or the delivery thereof, is disrupted by any such event(s), Faculty For The Future's obligations hereunder shall be suspended during the period of occurrence for such disrupting event(s).


Faculty For The Future makes no express or implied warranties or affirmations in connection with the services, data or information comprising this site. Faculty for the Future MAKES NO WARRANTIES HEREUNDER, AND THIS DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES INCLUDES, BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO, THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

  Limitation of Liability  

Faculty for the Future shall not be liable to any user for any losses that may be incurred through the use of this site. All information, data, and systems are provided on an "AS IS" basis. This site, and the corresponding database, are intended to facilitate networking opportunities between potential employees and prospective employers. Nothing herein shall be deemed a guarantee, either express or implied, of the development of an employment arrangement or of contact from prospective employers arising from the user's use of this site. Furthermore, Faculty for the Future makes no representation as to the content of any materials submitted to the site by users. Faculty for the Future does not guarantee the flawless operation of this site, nor does Faculty for the Future guarantee that this site shall not damage or otherwise modify any particular user's computer. ALL USES OF THIS SITE ARE MADE AT THE RISK OF THE USER.

  Choice of Laws  

The parties agree to submit to the Pennsylvania Courts only for any dispute arising out of the use of this site. The parties hereto further agree that any and all matters of dispute shall be adjudicated, governed and controlled under and by the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


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  Contact Information  

Users may contact Faculty for the Future with questions regarding their use of the this site by email directed to the Webmaster. Faculty for the Future respects the intellectual property of third parties. Complaints related to potential infringement of third party intellectual property rights by content available at this site should be sent to the attention of the Webmaster.

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