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Entering your resume in the Faculty For The Future resume database is the easiest way to link with US colleges, universities, government institutions and research institutes that are looking to fill faculty and research positions (both undergraduate and graduate) with qualified candidates. Your resume remains secured in a database that can be accessed by registered faculty and organization representatives only.

In a nutshell when you register and enter your resume you can:

  • Apply for positions posted by educational and various research institutes.
  • Receive automatic e-mail once a position of your interest is posted [you have the option of not to receive any e-mail].
  • Be a part of a national resume database that is accessed by member universities and institutions constantly looking to fill positions.
  • You need to register only once. After that you may enter the site directly by choosing Logon.

Your privacy is very important to us: Your personal information such as address, e-mail address, etc. are never exposed during a resume database search. The person conducting the search will get the option to send you an e-mail through a web-form, but will not see your actual e-mail address. Faculty For The Future also does not "sell" or share its database of information with any third party. Details of the Privacy Statement can be found here.

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