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  WEPAN, Women in Engineering ProActive Network, a national non-profit 501(c)(3) educational organization, was founded in 1990 to be a catalyst for change to enhance the success of women in the engineering profession. WEPAN has a membership of over 600 individuals representing nearly 200 engineering schools, Fortune 500 corporations, and non-profit organizations and is led by a board of directors from academia and industry.

WEPAN has implemented projects, produced publications, established partnerships, and nurtured new ideas in support of its mission. These initiatives focus on increasing awareness about engineering and related sciences, retention, and advancement in elementary schools, secondary schools, higher education, and the workplace. To learn more about WEPAN please visit www.wepan.org.


The GE Foundation is the philanthropic organization of the General Electric Company. Its main goals include improving the quality of and access to education and strengthening community organizations in GE communities around the world. Last year alone, GE, the GE Foundation, GE Volunteers, and GE employees and retirees contributed nearly $120 million to educational and community institutions. The GE Foundation has been invested in supporting diversity initiatives in education and the workforce for a long time, including support for the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering (NACME) since its inception in 1973.

The Faculty For The Future website is made possible in part by a grant from the GE Foundation. For more information on the GE Foundation, please visit http://www.gefoundation.com. The Pennsylvania State University College of Engineering (http://www.engr.psu.edu) is solely responsible for the operation, contents, privacy and security of this website and its compliance with applicable law and regulation.

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