Penn State College of Engineering Alumni and Alumnae

As an alumnus or alumna of the College of Engineering, you are in a unique position to help current Penn State students prepare to become world-class engineers. There are many ways that you can help.

  • Work opportunities abroad
    • If you know of engineering-related or computer-science related co-op, internship, or full-time opportunities with your company or with another company or organization, these positions can be posted on our online eCareer system. Using this system, College of Engineering students can apply for these positions, and employers can then easily review the applications. Students can also be directed to apply directly via an appropriate website for an available position.
    • More information about posting jobs for international employers or at international locations can be found in International Employers. You can also view information compiled for employers at: Engineering Career Resources & Employers Relations Office.
  • In-country contact for Penn State students studying or working abroad
    • When Penn State students work or study abroad, it is very helpful for them to have a contact in-country who can advise them about cultural norms and expectations. It is also valuable for them to have a contact with a common connection to Penn State.
    • If you are willing to be available to our students, please contact Global Engineering Engagement. We will create a list, and your contact information will only be shared with Penn State College of Engineering students who have been approved for an international study or work experience in your country.
  • Webinars and seminars
    • To help motivate students to gain global experience, or to prepare them to go abroad, it is helpful for them to hear from others who have has similar experience. As an alum, you are in a unique position to provide a valuable perspective to help our students prepare to become world-class engineers. We can arrange for webinars where you would be able to connect with a group of Penn State students to discuss the benefits of global experience.
    • If you are ever back on campus, you could share your knowledge and experiences with current students. Our students are very interested in meeting alumni and hearing about their experiences. We can arrange a formal seminar, or a more informal meeting with students.
  • International Mentor Program
    • A less formal way to connect with current Penn State students is through our International Mentor Program. This program is still in its infancy, but will provide a way for Penn State students to connect with alumni and alumnae. Alums can share their knowledge and experience, can discuss the benefits of global experience, can talk about their international experiences, and can answer questions about living, working, or studying abroad.
  • Help students understand the importance of global experiences
    • It is helpful for our students to hear from alums why international experiences are so important. Your contributions, no matter how small, can be very helpful for conveying the importance of preparing to work in the global economy.
    • Please submit quotes, short blurbs, pictures, or videos to help us show engineering and computer science students why global experiences are so important. For example, you can tell us how your international experience during your time at Penn State benefited you in your current job; provide information that you think someone studying, working, or living in your country should know; or provide advice to current students. Our goal is to collect such information and integrate it into an interactive map that contains relevant information about specific locations in the world.

Please contact Global Engineering Engagement, if you have questions or would like to participate in any of these opportunities.

View a letter from Dean Pytel that was sent to College of Engineering alumni and alumnae living abroad [PDF]