Academic Programs with Global Focus

There are curricular opportunities to gain global exposure and learn about other cultures, both formally and informally.

Options for Undergraduate Students

Students in the College of Engineering can receive a Certificate in International Engineering if they have completed a sequence of courses in a foreign language, worked and/or studied abroad, and completed cultures (IL) courses that fulfill the international cultures requirement at Penn State.

Engineering students can earn a BS in French, German, Spanish, or International Studies with a BS in a College of Engineering major through the concurrent major programs.

Minors with an international emphasis are available. They focus on topics such as a foreign language, international studies, or engineering leadership in a global context.

Options Available to All Engineering Students

Several Engineering courses are offered each semester that include a significant component on global issues.

There are many International Cultures (IL) courses offered at the university, and a number of these courses focus on a specific country or culture.

Language courses are also taught at the university and allow students to study a foreign language, either during the semester or in intensive classes over the summer.

Students may also conduct international research, whether formally as part of their thesis or informally as part of their coursework.