International Study Opportunities

Various options are available for students who wish to include at least one study abroad experience in their degree program. Your study abroad options vary and depend, in part, on your major. Check the table of study abroad locations for the countries that may be possible for you.

Semester study abroad programs are available for students who want to take courses in a foreign country for a semester or an academic year. It is possible and advisable for students to take engineering (or other) courses abroad that will enable them to continue to make progress toward their major and/or minor.

Summer or short-term study abroad programs allow students to take at least one course abroad. Such programs offer students the opportunity to learn about engineering and/or other cultures to help them develop a global perspective.

Embedded programs that are part of an existing semester-based course are also available and generally last one to three weeks. Such courses include an international travel component within the normal course work.

International service learning opportunities are available and allow students to participate in international academic programs that provide an educational experience through community service projects.