International Cultures (IL) Courses

International Cultures (IL) courses are a required component of a Penn State education. There are many courses available that cover a broad range of topics. However, College of Engineering students are urged to select at least one IL course that fulfill one of the Arts (GA), Humanities (GH), or Social and Behavioral Sciences (GS) components of General Education from the list below. These courses were selected because they include or relate to contemporary cultural issues; have a recognizable focus on some aspect of culture, rather than being a broad survey of some component of culture; provide some depth in and insight into a contemporary culture; and appear to have the potential for helping students understand professional practice in a global context. See the University Course Bulletin for a complete listing of all United States Cultures (US) and International Cultures (IL) courses.

Arts (GA)
Humanities (GH)
Social and Behavioral Sciences (GS)