International Engineering Certificate Program (Undergraduates Only)


This certificate is intended to recognize the completion of course work, language study, and international experiences that will contribute toward the attainment of a global perspective of engineering.


The profession of engineering is becoming increasingly global, including geographically distributed design teams, multinational companies and operations, global customer bases and markets, regional and international standards, culturally influenced approaches to research and development, and a world-view of the environment. As a result, there is a need for students to develop a global perspective of their technical field and profession. The World-Class Engineer vision, developed by the Leonhard Center for the Enhancement of Engineering Education and adopted by the College in its strategic plan for undergraduate education, underscores this aspect of professional success.


  • Three (3) credits of study in a second language at the 003 level (third-semester or 12th credit) or higher as a Penn State student. Students who have acquired fluency or near fluency in a second language prior to attending Penn State may fulfill this requirement by taking an advanced course in the relevant language or through study at the 003 level or higher in a third language. The language requirement can also be met with intensive study at an equivalent level and fluency while studying or working abroad. (Please note that AP credits cannot be used to meet the language course requirement)
  • Six (6) credits (typically two courses) of study in courses approved to meet the International Cultures requirement (IL) of General Education.
  • One to three (1-3) credits of approved study or work abroad, of at least six weeks duration, consisting of course work, internship, research, etc. To document study or work abroad, the credits earned can be Penn State credits associated with one of the formal study abroad programs, credits for course work or research conducted at a foreign institution and transferred to Penn State, or credits for ENGR 195I, 295I, 395I, or 495I taken during an international internship or cooperative education assignment. Courses to be taken while studying abroad should be chosen in consultation with the student's academic adviser, particularly those intended to meet degree requirements.
  • Completion of all degree requirements for a College of Engineering baccalaureate program.


Students will enroll in the certificate program through an online request form, preferably as soon as they have decided to pursue the certificate and know what courses will be used to meet certificate requirements. Any decisions on "equivalence" in meeting the certificate requirements will be made by the engineering international programs coordinator in consultation with the Assistant Dean for Student Services. The student's academic adviser and the engineering international programs coordinator will jointly affirm the completion of the requirements and a certificate will then be issued by the College of Engineering at the time of graduation, and an indication will appear on the student's transcript signifying completion of the program.

An overview of the International Engineering Certificate [PDF] is available for a one-page description of certificate requirements.