Campus-based Global Education Opportunities

There are many things that you can do, both inside and outside the classroom, that will help you gain a global perspective. Even if you do not have the inclination or resources to spend a semester studying or working abroad, there are many ways in which you can expose yourself to global perspectives without leaving Penn State.

You can get involved in programs at Penn State that include students from various parts of the world and students who have had international experience. Such extra-curricular programs/activities will allow you to learn from others with a different perspective and if you have had some international experience, will allow you to perhaps inspire and help students who wish to gain international experience. Such programs include international student groups, the international buddy program, the international envoy program, and various other activities and events.

There are also opportunities to include internationalization in your course work. Consider the many courses and academic programs that can help you integrate language or international cultures courses into your degree program. Options range from taking language or international cultures courses, to the international engineering certificate, to minor or dual major programs, and conducting international research. Whether you want to devote one class or many to internationalizing your education, there are many choices and options.