International Research

Students need to be prepared to work in a global environment, and should understand the communication, cultural, and technical issues associated with working in a global workplace.

There are several options available for students, both formal and informal, for collaborations with international research colleagues. Many research groups at Penn State, including the Applied Research Lab conduct research that is published in international journals, presented at international conferences, or completed by partnering with international institutions or other groups. Students can get involved in undergraduate research in a department or can apply to work part-time or during the summer at the Applied Research Lab. Other international research opportunities are also posted through the co-op and internship program on eCareer.

More informally, students can conduct research using international journals or conducting course work while working on teams with international students. Whether a student is completing a thesis or a project for a class, incorporating an international perspective into the research will result in a more globally focused report. Research resources are available through the University Libraries.