Minors with International Emphasis (Undergraduates Only)

There are many minors at the university that allow students to formally add an international emphasis. Some minors will integrate more easily with an engineering degree, but all of these are options for interested students. Some minors are listed below. Additional information about majors and minors, including current requirements, can be found at http://bulletins.psu.edu/bulletins/bluebook/.

International Engineering Minor (IENGR)

The International Engineering Minor is paired with any engineering baccalaureate major at any campus in order to provide students with an opportunity to learn about, and understand their profession in a global context. It is designed to provide students with knowledge, language skills, and experiences to help prepare them for a professional career that is likely to include collaborations with professionals from various parts of the world. The minor will help students understand the cross-cultural communications challenges and the global arena in which their profession is practiced. Students completing this minor will gain a competitive advantage because they will be able to demonstrate a broader understanding of the role of their profession and will have demonstrated their ability to communicate across cultural lines.
See International Engineering Minor for the requirements of the International Engineering Minor.

Minor in a Language

For students interested in a specific language and culture, a minor in a language may be an attractive option. There are many options for language minors at Penn State. Search MinorQuest for "Languages" for the full list of current language minors.

Other International Minors

There are many options for other minors with international or global focus at Penn State. Search MinorQuest for "International Relations and Global Studies" for the full list of current international minors. Some examples of minors in this category include: Global Health, Global Studies, and International Agriculture.