Study Abroad Representatives Schedules

Study Abroad Representatives are Penn State students from a variety of engineering majors who have completed at least one international experience—a study abroad and/or work abroad. These students help to promote Global Engineering Engagement Programs and encourage students to pursue international opportunities. If you would like to arrange for an representative to speak in a classroom or to a student group, please contact the Global Engineering Engagement Coordinator. Learn more about our representatives on the Study Abroad Representatives Bio page.

Representatives’ Schedules – Fall 2016
Representative Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Nmachi Anumba 3pm-4pm   2pm-3pm    
Emily Branstetter 2pm-3pm 3pm-4pm      
Gabrielle Briones       11am-12pm 4pm-5pm
Michaella Caruso   4pm-5pm      
Adboulaye Diallo     11am-12pm   3pm-4pm
Austin Fisher   11am-12pm 4pm-5pm    
John Fodero 11am-12pm     2pm-3pm  
Ryan Funk   12pm-1pm 3pm-4pm    
Lucas Gramig       3pm-4pm  
Alyssa Grube 12pm-1pm   12pm-1pm    
Conor Kennedy   1pm-2pm   4pm-5pm  
Joelle Khouri     1pm-2pm   2pm-3pm
Ryan Marks       12pm-1pm 12pm-1pm
Jen Nowoswiat   2pm-3pm      
Brian Roda 1pm-2pm     1pm-2pm  
Eric Roig 4pm-5pm       1pm-2pm
Stacy Weikel         11am-12pm