Design-Build Montana

AE / Arch 497H Sustainable Housing Solutions

This 3-part course examines how sustainable building methods including can be utilized to improve the living conditions common on American Indian reservations.
Part 1
(Spring '06):
Students examine the physical and cultural environment in which a strawbale structure will be designed and constructed.
Part 2
(Summer '06):
Spend two weeks on location in Montana assisting with the construction of a green building.
Part 3
(Fall '06):
Document and reflect upon this experience and make constructive recommendations for future research on housing programs for American Indian tribes in the Northern Plains.

Opportunities :

  • Learn about new and emerging sustainable building technologies and how they can be applied to solve housing problems.
  • Experience the location and people of the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation, and the sustainable values inherent to the Cheyenne culture.
  • Help make a difference in some of the most disadvantaged communities in the U.S.

On-Site Experience:

  • Work side by side with an Indian community in a “barn-raising” style construction process
  • Live, eat, and sleep in the beauty and splendor of the Western Plains
  • Attend workshops and presentations on sustainable building methods and American Indian culture

Summer 2006 Program and Application

In the summer 2006, our program will center upon Phase II construction of a 4700SF daycare center on the Northern Cheyenne reservation. This building will be a LEED Certified Green Building, and will feature strawbale construction, natural lighting, and a highly efficient environmental control system. Our work this summer will focus on the completion of this building, and the construction of a "learning landscape" play area for the center.

Three one-week workshops will be held in the Summer of 2006
Week 1: June 25 - July 1
Week 2: July 2 - July 8
Week 3: July 9 - July 15
Cost - $600/week
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Participant Information Package (coming soon)

You can apply for our on-site team or make a contribution by providing the following information.