Penn State Hydrogen Day 2006

Hydrogen Day Summary ~ (2006) / 2004 / 2003

The third semi-annual Hydrogen Day was held at Penn State on November 14, 2006, coinciding with the turn of autumn and signs of energy change. Much of the day's activities were held at the Nittany Lion Inn, where participants listened to speakers from Air Products, Nissan Motor Inc., and Penn State; viewed over forty poster presentations; and chatted about hydrogen and energy during a relaxing twilight reception. Hydrogen day concluded with a great dinner speech by Dan Desmond,Deputy Secretary of the Office of Energy & Technology Deployment within the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, who presented a moving speech about the need for alternative energy.

Over 200 visitors attended the day's events and enjoyed the presentations of the research findings by a number of Penn State groups working on not just hydrogen and fuel cells, but also on renewable energy. Representatives from the Department of EnergyProton Energy, and Nissan Motor Inc. shared their views on hydrogen and fuel cells as part of an afternoon panel session. Hydrogen Day attendees went on tours of Penn State laboratories and the hydrogen refueling station to experience first-hand how hydrogen research is progressing in numerous areas at Penn State. 

Hydrogen Day was thoroughly interactive as visitors were able to ask questions throughout the day about ongoing research activities, and they were provided opportunities to engage in conversation with other attendees. Amidst the day's casual and relaxing moments were honest assessments about where hydrogen technology is, the progress being made, and where it needs to grow as we re-shape our energy platform for the future.

Proving to be a great mix of intellectual stimulation, relaxing atmosphere, and meaningful conversation, Hydrogen Day 2006 was another great success in demonstrating how hydrogen and fuel cells have a bright future.