Hydrogen separation and storage

Song, Chunshan
Energy and Geo-Environmental Engineering


We are developing nanoporous “molecular baskets” for hydrogen storage and release.  An in-situ catalyst deposition method has been developed to deposit various catalysts on the hydrogen storage materials to improve hydrogen storage and hydrogen release performance. The apparatus being used for measuring the hydrogen storage performance is shown below.


1. Xu, X.; Song, C. “Improvement of Hydrogen Storage and Hydrogen Release Properties of Magnesium by in-situ Catalyst Deposition”, Preprints of Symposia – American Chemical Society, Division of Fuel Chemistry, 2003, 48, In press.

Funding for the work was provided by the Hydrogen Center at the Pennsylvania State University. 

Additional researcher working on this project
   - Dr. Xiaochun Xu

For more information, please contact Chunshan Song.


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