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Dr. Joel Anstrom

PA Transportation Institute

  • Responsible for developing research projects and graduate curriculum in the area of advanced vehicle systems. His research focus is system modeling of electric, hybrid electric, and fuel cell vehicles for efficiency and dynamic handling.
  • Hybrid & Hydrogen Vehicle Research

Dr. Mary Ann Bruns

Crop and Soil Sciences

Dr. Vincent Crespi



Materials Science & Engineering

Dr. Darryl Farber

Science, Technology, and Society

Dr. Henry Foley

Chemical Engineering

Dr. John Golbeck

Biochemistry & Biophysics


Dr. Mark Guiltinan


  • Knowledge and technology towards the improvement of crops, poverty and hunger reduction, water resource management, sustainable international development, and climate change on a meaningful scale.
  • Focused on the use of Arabidopsis and other model species to advance research with tropical crops such as Theobroma cacao, (The Chocolate Tree) and Jatropha curcus, a biofuel feedstock plant.

Dr. Martin Klanchar

Applied Research Lab

Dr. Bruce E. Logan

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Dr. Serguei Lvov

Energy & Geo-Environmental


Dr. Digby MacDonald

Materials Science & Engineering

Dr. Tom Mallouk


Dr. John Regan

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Dr. Chunshan Song

Energy & Geo-Environmental


Dr. Mirna Urquidi-Macdonald

Engineering Science & Mechanics

Dr. Chao-Yang Wang

Mechanical Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering

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