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Faculty Resources


Dennis McLaughlin
Phone: 865-2560

Promotion and Tenure

College P&T Committee List 2017-18

Timetables for Promotion & Tenure Process

Full P&T Timetable (Excel document)

Abbreviated P&T Events Timetable (will be available soon)

Promotion &Tenure Dossier Content and Preparation Information

Preparation & Submission Guidelines

College P&T Criteria Statement

Dossier Content - Department Head & Committee

Dossier Content - Candidate

Candidate Narrative Statement Guideline

Promotion & Tenure Forms

Promotion and Tenure Form (PDF document, Penn State login required)

Biographical Data For Promotion/Tenure Review Form (PDF document, Penn State login required)

Log of External Letters (PDF document, Penn State login required)

Candidate Signature Document (PDF document)

Promotion & Tenure Related Policies and Procedures

University Promotion and Tenure Guidelines

Policy HR23 - Promotion and Tenure Procedures and Regulations

Procedures for Selection of College Promotion and Tenure Review Committee

Departmental Promotion and Tenure Committee Structure

Guideline 17 - Requests for Reduction of Prior Tenure Credit

Self Report of Activity, Faculty Evaluations & Non-Tenure Track Promotions

Engineering Electronic Self Report of Activity

Policy HR40 - Evaluation of Faculty Performance

Policy and Procedure for Promotion of Faculty Members on Non Tenure-Track Appointment in the College of Engineering

Sabbatical Leave of Absence

Sabbatical Committee List 2016-17

Preparing Sabbatical Leave Application - A Guide for Faculty (PDF document)

Sabbatical Leave Policy (HR 17)

Engineering Electronic Sabbatical Leave Application (VPN required when not accessing from within the College network)