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Promotion and Tenure - Policy and Procedure for Promotion of Faculty Members on Non-Tenure Track Appointments in the College of Engineering

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The purpose of this policy is to establish criteria and to define procedures for the promotion of faculty members on non tenure-track appointments in the College of Engineering.


Because these faculty members are not on tenure-track appointments usually have specific assignments, it is important that promotion decisions be based on the performance of each candidate relative to his/her duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Department Head. However, there should also be general consistency of performance and expectations for such faculty members and for faculty members on tenure-track appointments.

The same general criteria as those used for tenure-track or tenured faculty pertaining to the specific duties and responsibilities which have been assigned, i.e. Teaching, Research, Scholarship, and Service - shall be used for evaluating qualifications for promotion. For faculty members with teaching assignments, both student and peer evaluations should be included in the record submitted for review. Research performance will normally be demonstrated by refereed publications, advising of graduate students, etc.


The following procedure will be followed when faculty members in the College of Engineering are on non tenure-track appointments and are considered for promotion:

  1. A biographical record including appropriate information on Teaching, Research, Scholarship and Service. The information contained in this record should describe the candidate's duties and performance at Penn State.
  2. The candidate's record will be reviewed by the regular departments P & T committee and the Department Head.
  3.  The Department Head will conduct an independent review and forward the candidate's record, including the recommendations of the department committee and the Department Head, to the Dean.
  4. The Dean will make the final decision regarding the promotion of the candidate.
  5. There is no standard increase as a result of promotion of non tenure-track faculty members. Any increase will be determined by the department head, covered by departmental funds, effective at the time of re-appointment or start of next fiscal year (July 1).Only tenured faculty members may serve on tenure and promotion committees (Administrative Guidelines IV.B.3)