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Promotion and Tenure - II. The Scholarship of Research and Creative Accomplishments

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This section is described by Green divider card. It must be paginated B-1, B-2, B-3, etc. Items in this section should be listed in standard bibliographic form with the most recent date first. Do not include material contained in other sections of the dossier.

  1. Publications

    Citations must include beginning and ending page numbers or total number of pages, where appropriate; for multiple-authored works, the contribution of the candidate should be clearly indicated (e.g., principal author; contributing author, etc.).
    1. Multiple-authored works must clearly indicate contribution of candidate.
      1. For single-authored work - No parenthetical note needed.
      2. For multi-authored work, one of the following standard terms should appear in parentheses after each work listed:
        1. (Principal Author) if the candidate is listed as first author and performed more than an equal share of the research and authorship.
        2. (First author supervised by candidate) if the candidate is listed an an author, and if the first author is a student advisee of the candidate.
        3. (Equal contributions by authors) if the candidate contributed an approximately equal share of the research and authorship.
        4. (Contributing author) if the candidate contributed less than an equal share of the research and authorship .
      3. For multi-authored work indicate by an asterisk (*) any co-authors who are graduate students supervised by the candidate.
    2. Electronic publications - whether they be journal articles, articles, book chapters, or conference proceedings, or fall under the rubric of any of the other categories of publication listed on the green divider for Research, Creative Accomplishment, and Scholarship - should be treated the same as publications that appear in print and listed under the same bullets described on the divider.

      Departments are responsible for assuring that articles published only electronically that are listed under refereed publications are indeed both appropriately refereed and archived. A policy statement from the journal indicating the refereeing policy, the names of the editorial board members, and the procedure for archiving, must accompany all listings of publications as refereed when they are published only electronically.

      Articles published only electronically and listed under the category of non-refereed publication must include documentation of archival numbers. The department must supply an assessment of the selection process and the dossier must include a policy statement from the journal outlining the selection and archiving process.

      Articles posted electronically by the individual faculty member without a formal review are not to be listed in the dossier.
    3. Show complete page numbers, e.g., pp. 341-349, and not just first page, e.g., p. 341, which will be interpreted as a one-page paper. (Green Divider Card).
    4. Include letters of acceptance for papers accepted for publication. (Green Divider Card)
      1. If a candidate has a letter indicating that a manuscript is likely to be accepted for publication if it is modified according to reiewers' suggestions, it may be listed under the heading "Manuscripts accepted for publication."
      2. An additional heading for manuscripts submitted for publication with a completed review suggesting modifications and resubmission, but not stating acceptance (must include substantiating letter), has been added.
    5. If work reported in a publication was performed prior to the candidate's appointment at Penn State , indicate location at the time the work was performed.
  2. Creative Accomplishments

    Exhibition, installation, production, or publication of original works of architecture, dance, design, electronic media, film, journalism, landscape architecture, literature, music, theater, and visual art.

    Performance of original dance, literary, musical, visual arts, or theatrical works, or works from traditional and contemporary repertories of the performing arts.
  3. Papers Presented at Technical and Professional Meetings

    Meeting and paper titles, listed in standard bibliographic form.

    Indicate if Candidate was the presenter of papers listed (Green Divider Card). It is appropriate to list papers here that are also listed in Research section II. A. if they were both presented at a technical meeting and published in the proceedings of that meeting. For multi-authored work indicate by an asterisk (*) any co-authors who are graduate students supervised by the candidate.
  4. Record of Participation in, and Description of Seminars and Workshops

    Short description of activity, with titles, dates, sponsor, etc.

    Indicate the role of the Candidate at any seminars and workshops listed (e.g., invited participant, student, etc.) Do not list conference papers in this section. They should be listed in Section C.
  5. Description of Outreach or Other Activities in which there was Significant Use of Candidate's Expertise

    Cconsulting, speaking engagements, services to government agencies when the candidate is called upon because of his/her scholarly expertise in a particular area, professional and industrial associations, educational institutions, paper reviewing, proposal reviewing, editorships, etc. In gray areas, candidates will have to choose where to list such service.
  6. Funded Projects, Grants, Commissions, and Contracts
    1. Start and End Dates, Title (e.g., 7/2000 - 6/2004), Sponsor, Amount
    2. If multiple investigators are involved on a funded research project, indicate the actual role and contribution of the candidate (PI or Co- PI). The total funding and the candidate's share (indicated by percentage and/or dollar amount) must be listed.
    3. Grants and contracts for teaching improvement or for training programs should be listed in II.N.
    4. Grants for equipment, facilities, or other purposes that do not provide salary support for faculty members or graduate students should be listed in II.O.
    5. Proposals, grants, and contracts should be listed only once in the dossier. There should be no duplicate listings in F, II.N, or II.O.
  7. Other Evidence of Research or Creative Accomplishments

    Patents, new product development, new art forms, citation index analysis, etc. Lists of articles or publications by others, news releases, etc. are not appropriate for listing in a dossier. Professional publications which refer to the candidate's work are generally covered through in-depth citation analysis. They may also be cited in the candidate's narrative statement or in the department committee or department head evaluation letters.
  8. Record of Pursuit of Advanced Degrees and/or Further Academic Studies
  9. Record of Membership in Professional and Learned Societies (list memberships only)

    Offices held, committee work, and other service to the candidate's profession should be reported in section III. C. of the dossier. Paper reviewing and editorship duties should be reported under Description of Outreach . (II. E.)
  10. Description of New Courses and/or Programs Developed

    Indicate role and contribution of candidate in developing new courses and programs. If this was a joint effort, identify other persons involved. Indicate date for initial offering of any new course or program listed.
  11. Description of New Computer Software Programs Developed

    Indicate role and contribution of candidate in developing new software. If this was a joint effort, identify other persons involved. Indicate applications and use of this software, e.g., regularly used in teaching IE4xx, one-time special use in research project _____________, used by industry for ___________,etc.
  12. Description of New Methods of Teaching Established Courses and/or Programs

    Indicate role and contribution of candidate in developing and using new methods of teaching. If this was a joint effort, identify other persons involved. Indicate course(s) and date for initial use of the new methods.
  13. List of Honors or Awards for Scholarship or Professional Activity
    1. It is not appropriate to list Penn State's Twenty-Five-Year Service (25-Year-Chair) or similar awards in this section.
    2. Actual copies of award certificates or letters indicating honors received may not be included in the dossier.
    3. Awards granted to students for work which the candidate supervised or otherwise was a major contributor may be listed in this section.
  14. List of Grants and Contracts for Improvement of Instruction or for Training Programs

    Indicate candidate's role in preparing and administering the grants and contracts.
  15. List of Grants for Equipment, Facilities, or Other Purposes

    List grants that do not provide salary support for faculty members or graduate students.
  16. Applications of Research Scholarship in the field and Impact in Society

    Include evidence of technology transfer, technical assistance.