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Promotion and Tenure - Checklist for 2nd, Special 3rd, 4th and Formal 5th Tenure Reviews

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Cover Page

_________ P&T form signed by Chair of P&T committee, and later by Department Head

_________ Biographical data form

_________ Promotion and Tenure Criteria of the Faculty and Dean in the College of Engineering

_________ Department criteria statements

_________ Candidate's one-page narrative statement in the third person

Orange Section - The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

_________ Pages numbered correctly  (A-1, A-2, etc.) 

_________ List of courses taught

_________ Student evaluations of teaching (SRTEs) for last 5 years 

_________ Second form of student evaluations (comment summaries, exit interview results)

_________ Peer reviews of teaching (signed and dated by evaluators)

_________ List of Supervision of graduate dissertations, theses, etc: types of degrees and years granted.

_________ Membership on graduate degree candidates’ committees.

Green Section - The Scholarship of Research and Creative Accomplishments

_________ Publications listed with most recent date first

_________ Pages numbered correctly  (B-1, B-2, etc.)

_________ Role of author defined on each publication

_________ Year of publication, page numbers

_________ Insert any letters for papers accepted for publication

_________ Role of candidate must be listed on research projects if more than one investigator involved (PI, Co-PI, etc.)

_________ Percent or dollars representing the candidate's share of funding indicated

_________ Beginning and ending dates listed for membership in professional and learned societies

Blue Section - Statements of Evaluation of the Candidate by Review Committees & Administrators

_________ Pages numbered correctly  (E-1, E-2, etc.) 

_________ All previous tenure reviews (in chronological order) are in the dossier (for tenure) 

_________ Department committee recommendation includes the following: 

_________ List and academic rank of members

_________ Vote recorded (Not individual votes) 

_________ Signature of chairperson 

_________ Date

_________ Department Head recommendation is signed and dated

_________ If joint appointment, evaluation letter from other area included

_________ External letter authors' names not to be stated in recommendations

_________ Candidate Signature Statement at back of Dossier

Checklist for 6th-year Tenure and/or Promotion Reviews

Gray Section - External Letters of Assessment

_________ Pages numbered correctly  (D-1, D-2, etc.)

_________ Sample of letter requesting external letter

_________ Brief biographical statements on authors of letters 

_________ Log sheet filled in correctly

_________ At least five external letters from diverse sources 

_________ External letters should NOT be from candidate's former teachers, students, or collaborators (e.g. co-authors)

_________ Authors of external letters are of higher rank than candidate